Intuitive Wellness Practioner 

and Guide of Heart Light Healing 

Karen Ann is a Divine Channel of Creator Source energy, a medium, and works as an intuitive mentor helping people remember their Spirit of truth.  She is a steward of God's light and offers her clients guidance, support, and wisdom in a warm, loving, and safe environment. 


She is passionate about her work and openly shares her personal story of past hardship and despair the catalysts for her desire to make drastic changes in her life.  Karen Ann lovingly calls this period of transformation her Spiritual boot camp.  A teacher, a community leader and loving Source to many, Karen Ann aspires to help people return home to their inner sanctuary.


Her energy transmits supreme enlightenment, which helps open her clients to new levels in their ascension process.  




Intuitive Mentoring

weekly program

Intuitive Mentoring is a weekly one on one program; where you meet with Karen Ann via video chat, at a set time. 

This program offers a thirty minute conversation with Karen Ann.  Packages available are

3, 5, and 8 weeks of coaching.

Intuitive Email

quick easy answers

 Intuitive Email is for those who don't have time to meet with Karen Ann and need answers fast. Up to three questions, per email.  Price per question 

Intuitive Group Coaching

Invite Karen Ann to share her journey on the road of enlightenment and take this opportunity to ask the Universe anything.  Contact Karen Ann to arrange details.

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