Heart Light Practioner 

&  Intuitive Mentor 

 Karen Ann is a Heart Light Practitioner and intuitive mentor, a loving guide to healing journeys and language clarity.  This management of loving light allows many to align with a more caring life and leads toward wellbeing.


The process with Karen Ann is a process of management in a way that she guides you to access your inner presence, a loving presence of stillness, and caring love.  The maligned allies of lacking fear can make loving conditions more unclear and unmanageable.  

If you are open to healing your life, your physical body, and your emotional, painful past, then Karen Ann may open you to a more significant opportunity.  Loving mantras can help you to reassess your current living conditions to make room for new opportunities and life magic.  

The more you access your heart, the more your life shifts and flows; this matters most in times of gratitude and times of pain, be open to balance the two, and make every effort to align toward more unified healing acquired through your loving, unconditional light.

Karen Ann welcomes you to join her on this journey as she has helped many open and shift their lives in significant ways.  Please be at rest, listen to your guidance, and ask if Karen Ann lays a painless light on your life, asks if she is the language of love.  Find out through your heart of her putting aligned truth here, and this will guide you to seek an ally in her presence.

Karen Ann is a more aligned being of loving language, and she will open your fields to more significant changes, be allowing and discover your life’s purpose.  Her abilities to see into your life, your mantras of language, and your pain send her to the painful messages to help you evolve into a being of greater effortlessness.  

You are here to be a loving light, and Karen Ann can help you to fully embrace this open heart life as she is an open heart of laying all loving grace and light.


Intuitive Mentoring

weekly program

Intuitive Mentoring is a weekly one on one program; where you meet with Karen Ann via video chat, at a set time. 

This program offers a thirty minute conversation with Karen Ann.  Packages available are

3, 5, and 8 weeks of coaching.

Intuitive Email

quick easy answers

 Intuitive Email is for those who don't have time to meet with Karen Ann and need answers fast. Up to three questions, per email.  Price per question 

Intuitive Group Coaching

Invite Karen Ann to share her journey on the road of enlightenment and take this opportunity to ask the Universe anything.  Contact Karen Ann to arrange details.

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